View Full Version : Newbie from Edmonton, Canada!

03-10-12, 08:22 pm
Hi everyone :)
I've known GPC for a while now but was too shy to register.
I own 2 skinnies (both are boars). They are Amicos and Minion! Unusual names, I know :eye-poppi but they are unique!
They both live together in a 2 by 5 (almost) c&c cage- I'm using a plastic table cloth instead of coroplast.
I am currently looking for some other alternatives so any suggestions are welcome!
I hope to enjoy my stay here sharing pictures, posts, and viewing what other members have posted :heart:

03-10-12, 08:56 pm
Hi and welcome.. Would love to see pigture of you skinnies pig..One day I would love to own one..

03-10-12, 09:14 pm
Welcome and I second the pictures