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03-01-12, 06:18 pm
Hello all, it's nice to be here. I'm BigSteve and my family and I are relatively new piggy owners. We have a pair of male cavies Gizmo and Gonzo and they seem to get along just great for the couple months since we've bought them. We started out and are still currently in a small pets store cage but am glad to say that our new XL C&C cage with the 2x2 upper deck just arrived yesterday. I'm currently building the stand which it will sit on. Hopefully just a few more days and they will have a brand new palace to live in. Can't believe how quickly it got here after ordering it and after giving it a look over think it's really nice. Will post a picture when all is set up. Just wanted to say hi, and hope everyone has a wonderful day.:)

03-01-12, 06:25 pm
Hello! lol and welcome! That's great that they will have a palace! Excited to see pictures, and I hope you will enjoy it here!

03-01-12, 06:40 pm
Welcome to the forum! How old are your guys?

03-01-12, 07:16 pm
Welcome to the forum! How old are your guys?

They are around 3 months old, and very cute. Really amazed how the whole family has just fallen in love with them. They're part of the family now.

03-01-12, 07:20 pm
welcome cant wait to see pictures of them and their cage

03-01-12, 07:23 pm
Hi BigSteve! Welcome to the forums! I am a new owner too. You have come to a great site and the people here have vast knowledge of cavy care. I have already found out tons from this site. No question is to small or "stupid", someone always helps :).

Can't wait for the pics!

03-01-12, 08:03 pm
Oooohhh, you're getting ready to go through piggy adolescence! Hold on for the ride! There are some articles over at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit (http://www.cavyspirit.com) you might want to read ("Social Life," for one), and also the two "Boars Behaving Badly" threads over at Guinea Lynx.