View Full Version : Product Reviews?

Slap Maxwell
06-02-05, 06:38 pm
Is it possible we could have a place to review products marketed for guinea pigs? (Hay, toys, ect.?) I have a few dangerous problems with things I have, and I would like them to be recognized.

We could submit a new product with maker, type, size, etc. Then submit ratings and comments.

06-02-05, 08:05 pm
You're going to have that and more in not too long.

Slap Maxwell
06-02-05, 08:10 pm
Thank you T! I can't wait to see what your adding!

07-26-10, 06:19 pm
Are there any pages dedicated to product reviews on this site yet? I can't seem to find any that do this specifically. I was thinking it would be great to be able to review and comment on products, not only those targeted to guinea pigs, but the ones we may use clean the cage, vacuum hay from the fleece, etc...

07-26-10, 06:26 pm
It's coming very soon

07-26-10, 06:28 pm
Thanks T. I look forward to it.