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02-28-12, 01:52 am
Hey, joined this forum after reading about someone wanting to get Oxbow products into NZ... I would be keen on this as I have struggled to find some good pellets for my gp's.
I was never going to own gp's, had met too many that didnt like being picked up, made the loud dont touch me noise whenever you tried to pick them up etc so despite thinking they were cute they werent the pet for me.
Well I fell for a boy at a pet shop but didnt buy him, just kept getting huggles from him everytime I went into the shop to visit the other animals and chat with the staff. Then I took a friend and her ptr in to have huggles too, and they asked about how much it would cost to get the two boys (they had been in the shop since about Sept and it was Jan at the time) and we couldnt see them going to a new home anytime soon as one was quite big in size (not cute and cuddly) and the wild rat colour.... so yes suckers that they are bought them for me lol.
So now I have two boys that I wasnt planning on having lol. If there is anyone on here from Hamilton NZ who would be happy to catch up and share info on gp's feel free to get in touch.

Oh the other pets I have are 1 Cat and 20 rats.

02-28-12, 01:54 am
Welcome! 20 rats?! Holy! Where do you keep them all?
I absolutely love rats, partner says they are a no go though :(

Would love to see pictures of your guineas (and your rats!)

02-28-12, 02:24 am
here is my pb page Pictures by mistymu - Photobucket (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v289/mistymu/)
feel free to scroll thru anything (dont think theres anything too scary in there lol)
My girls have a large chinchilla cage, my older men are in a cage sold for GP and my young boys are in a quad RSK (still to update that to pics tho)....

02-28-12, 02:51 am
Very cute!