View Full Version : Upper Level Railings??????

08-25-02, 01:37 am
I have noticed that some cages do not have "railings" or any barrier from the second level to the main level. Don't the piggies fall? I am planning on remodelling our current pig palace and am wondering if i should have barriers.

Thx in advance for your help ;)

09-03-02, 04:59 am
I've noticed that a lot don't but I definitely would have some kind of a railing if I made one. Not just to prevent them from accidentally falling off if they were having an excited squabble over space at the top either. Some pigs are under the impression that they can jump off high levels and land well! Their legs are just to short compared to their body for them to land very well and I think they could injure themselves that way too.

All the best!

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09-04-02, 08:11 am
I've noticed that too, about the jumping. My pigs think they're flying trapeeze artists! Especially when they're young! one jumped out of my arms from easily 2 feet up down into his cage. He was fine I guess but I was so worried! Now I hold onto them like it's nobody's business :P