View Full Version : supplies in South Korea

02-22-12, 09:36 pm
안녕하세요! Any pig owners living in South Korea who could give a newbie some advice?

I'm beginning the process of putting my cage together.
I have found a cubes alternative on g-market (here (http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=238264545&pos_shop_cd=EN&pos_class_cd=90000003&pos_class_kind=T)), but am still looking for some supplies:
- base/cloroplast alternative (I'm thinking maybe just using newspapers/towels/fleece directly on the linoleum floor)
- fleece other than just buying blankets from E-Mart
- a good store for general pig supplies (in Seoul). Pigs seems to be pretty popular as pets here, everywhere sells them, but I'm having trouble finding hidey houses, good food, etc. Would prefer to buy in a store, but I know g-market is an option.

Also, how do guinea pigs do with 온돌? I would prefer to keep the cage on the floor, but I'm not sure if it will get too warm for them.

Any advice is welcome!