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02-22-12, 05:25 pm
Hi...! This is my first thread! I have one piggy named Cruiser. He is a little skittish when you go to pick him up but as soon as your holding hi he is a little cuddle monster! He is in a 2x3 c&c cage right now. I know its best to have two guinea pigs so this is my question, :importantcould somebody leave a comment that has ons of GOOD reasons on why to have 2 guinea pigs to show my mom so she sees that i need one more piggie? Thanks so much xoxoxoxoxox:love:

02-22-12, 05:27 pm
How about I give you a link to a page full of reasons why you should get your little one a friend and why he will thrive with one: Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm)

02-22-12, 05:49 pm
My husband was pretty iffy on me getting two guinea pigs let alone ONE. lol. But when doing research it seemed alot of reasons were because the little critters like to be social. Well..after alot of persuasive talk, we did get a second guinea pig. My little Luna was literally bucking around like a bronco when she met Sadie, now this isn't saying ALL guinea pigs will have great first impressions but mine did. We have a nice C&C cage and honest the poop cleanup isn't bad, a little more but I don't have smells, we use a dust buster on our fleece and i wash the fleece once a week while putting them in a floor pen and I clean there poop everyday. To me, the time difference is MAYBE 5 minutes more and that's because I like to handle both to have them comforted through me. In all, they are lovely with each other and Luna is much more social. (I had her almost 2 months before getting Sadie) hope this helps too :)

***If you do decide on getting a second one I'd highly recommend adding on to your C&C cage so if they get grumpy with each other they have room to move. Space wise, i stacked on my cage so it doesn't take as much flooring and just added another level high. I have pictures of my original cage and my finalized cage in profile :D