View Full Version : Two bonded pairs of Boars need homes

Baby Bears
06-01-05, 11:31 am
I have two bonded pairs of boars that need new homes.

Each set has been together since they were little, and so they have to stay together. We have the C&C cages, hideys, tunnels, etc. for them as well. They are located in Virginia, however, I will travel to meet a prospective new owner. There is a modest adoption fee as well. Please e-mail me [email protected] if you are interested in giving these guys a forever home.


Emily F.
06-01-05, 12:13 pm
How far is Virginia from PA?

Baby Bears
06-02-05, 05:46 am
Not so far, are you in Northern or Southern PA? I'm willing to do some travelling to get them to a good home where they will be taken care of. I'm going over to my dad's tonight (that's where they are) and I will take a few more recent pictures to post so you can see all four of them.

Emily F.
06-02-05, 08:31 am
My mom, and I will be in Chester, PA for a few days, and it is in the Southern part of PA. If you and I can meet up in PA, I would be glad to take 1 pair of guinea pigs. I have a single boar at home that needs some buddies. I assure you they will be taken care of very well.

Baby Bears
06-03-05, 05:17 am
The pictures I took last night turned out HORRIBLE! I will try to get better ones in the next few days.

We just found out that Butter has ringworm. Well, the vet is almost positive that’s what it is. She tested for it, but the test won’t be back for two weeks. None of the others show signs. Butter, and all the others, are being treated with a topical shampoo which stops the spread of it and helps heal it. Butter is getting most of the baths, the others are getting bathed once to twice a week. It seems they will need these baths for several weeks. Obviously, we would give you some of the shampoo to bathe them with, or you may decide you don’t want them now. I just didn’t feel it would be right not to tell you about this development. Ringworm is easily treatable. The topical treatment does stop the spread of it, but Butter still has a couple of lesions on his skin from it. I don’t see anything on the others. He MAY need a follow up vet visit in a month or two. Please let me know how you feel about this. I completely understand if you don’t want them now, because of the one you currently have, not wanting him to get anything (though I don’t believe any of mine are any longer contagious). I’m really sorry. I feel so bad for the little guys. They are troopers, though, and maybe, if don’t want any of them now, I’ll pull them from adoption after the ringworm is ALL gone.

Emily F.
06-03-05, 05:44 am
The pictures don't work.

Well that's a dissapointment. I'm very sorry one has ringworm. Do they all have it?
Is it contageous?
Wow, this is a tough decision. I'l going to do a little research on ringworm. If it's not contagious to my other pig, then I still think I may take 2 pigs.

Baby Bears
06-03-05, 06:57 am
Take your time and make the decision that is best for your current pig. Honestly, I don't want you to do this if you aren't sure about it. Just Butter shows any signs of it, however, like I said, they are all being treated for it anyway. Yes, it is contagious when it is not treated. It can be treated two ways: oral or topical. My vet chose the topical method (medicated shampoo) because it stops the spread of the ringworm. Ringworm is spread from the hair breaking/falling off and other animals coming across it. Because we are using the shampoo, however, it kills the bacteria in the hair, making it non-contagious. There are a few websites out that that explain this.

This page, about halfway down, explains the oral and topical methods of treatment and why the topical method stops the spread of it.

Of course, the key is that you may have a followup vet visit to deal with.

I can always let you know again, when they are completely free of it.

Baby Bears
06-03-05, 07:05 am
Also, don't forget about Amy at Amiable Animals. She always has rescues available for adoption in the VT/CT area. Maybe if you decide not to adopt mine, you can see what she has available!

Emily F.
06-05-05, 09:33 am
Baby Bears-
How are they doing? Have you been to the vets lately?

06-05-05, 12:20 pm
Hi Baby Bear, thanks for the plug. Emily is actually only a half hour from me, she has had an application for awhile but hasn't submitted it, so I think perhaps her parents aren't on board (since they have to complete it since she is under 18.) But, I am not sure - don't want to assume anything.

You know, Emily, I have a volunteer (7th grade) whose aunt drops her off every Saturday to help out with the piggies socialization, weighing, grooming, and cage cleaning. Perhaps that's something you would be interested in doing? It could show your parents you were committed, maybe? Email me if you are interested ok?

Emily F.
06-05-05, 06:13 pm
Amiable- I haven't had time to submit an application yet. My parents haven't looked it over yet.

06-05-05, 07:28 pm
That's no problem, Emily - there is no hurry on my end. I wasn't sure because some people are put off by the application. It often seems simpler to adopt from a shelter or to do a private adoption, and although I think adopting from rescue has certain benefits (of course I think that, haha. ;~) any adoption helps the piggies!

Baby Bears, good luck with these guys I do hope you are able to find them homes quickly. Ringworm is really annnoying to deal with as you aren't exactly sure when it is gone, it seems. I still have two boys in quarantine in my bedroom as one had ringworm when they came in. They've been through treatment (there was one spot on the second one that could have been ringworm so I treated it just in case) and I think it's gone, but do I want to chance it by intro'ing them to the others? They are neutered and are eager to meet some girls, I am sure, as they tolerate one another but don't seem to be buddies . . . Anyway, I am choosing to be cautious and wait this out a bit longer to be on the safe side . . .

Baby Bears
06-06-05, 05:36 am
They are still undergoing their shampooing several times a week (depending on which pig it is). After they have completed this treatment, then they will be re-tested by the vet to ensure the ringworm is gone. There really is no telling how long it could take, I think it's all up to the piggies immune system to decide that! Yeah, I am not actively trying to adopt them out any longer (unless Emily really wants two and is sure she can handle the medical end of it), until they are cured of thier ringworm.

06-06-05, 06:38 am
They are getting bathed? That seems strange. I treated with anti-fungral cream applied to the affected area. I hope they heal quickly.

Baby Bears
06-06-05, 09:50 am
Apprently the vet gave them a topical shampoo and a cream. I hate it. They're not all soft anymore because of the cream. YUCK! Butter is the only one who actually has anything on his skin, but the others are being treated because they all live in the same cage together. Butter seem to feel better, and isn't scratching anymore. So, since he quit scratching, his wounds should heal quickly.