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02-20-12, 12:36 pm
Hi everyone I'm Maggie! I am 13 years old. I volunteer at my local SPCA, I run their small animal room, taken small animal training classes their too. I plan on becoming an exotic vet so I can work with small animals. :). I just got my Abyssinian guinea pig on 2/18/12. Her name is Lilly:love:. She is very small and a baby. The store we got her from is not sure of her age though. But she is really tiny. currently we have her in a store bought super pet cage. I know this is not enough space but she is very little. She looks maybe 6 weeks old or so? This cage will not be permanent. This is temporary until we get our supplies for a C&C cage. I want to adopt another girl from our local shelter so she can have a buddy. I will not do that until we have her new cage built. She is being kept in my room. She gets daily interaction though from my whole family! they all come in and play with her. She has to stay in my room though because we have 3 dogs and my room is the only place that is safe for her. I plan on buying an air purifier to reduce the risk of allergies.:cool:

02-20-12, 12:52 pm
Congrats on your baby. Just a question...why didn't you adopt since you work at a shelter?

02-20-12, 12:53 pm
Welcome to the forum! We would love to see some pictures of Lilly!!

02-21-12, 07:20 pm
Our shelter only had one guinea pig available. He had serious skin problems and would have to be shaved. We went to look for him 30 minutes after I got off shift and he was already adopted :(. The lady at the shelter said if they get any female guinea pigs in they will put them on hold so we can view them since we need to get Lilly a friend! We made sure the guinea pigs were living in perfect conditions from the store we got her from. They had a room for guinea pigs where the staff was socializing them and they were in good conditions that was the only reason we even looked at buying her.

02-21-12, 07:22 pm
This is her.

02-21-12, 07:45 pm
awww she is adorable.

02-21-12, 08:40 pm
She's so cute!
Congrats on the new baby!