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07-09-02, 03:27 pm
would it be better to use a 4 1/2 inch diameter drain pipe with old carpet inside the pipe for grip or a wooden ramp for my giunea pigs with carpet fastened to the wood for grip?and also how steep should the ramp be?

Laura Irene
07-10-02, 05:33 am
I would say it would be better to use a wooden ramp. You can buy rubber grips that would work. Look here for more ideas: imageevent.com/cavyspirit...15&w=0&p=0 (http://imageevent.com/cavyspirit/cavycagesramps;jsessionid=ypwfk2ntv1?n=0&z=2&c=3&x=1&m=15&w=0&p=0)

Laura, Pumpkin, and Nikki

08-13-02, 05:30 am
I think my piggy was afraid of heights. He would not go up my ramp I made with wood and cover it with an old towel. I went to Home Depot and bought PVC pipe it is 4 in diameter and 10 feet long for $ 5.96. it was the one that had little dime size holes down the sides. The nice employee cut it into fourths for me. I came home and gave my boys unlimited popsicle privileges. Cleaned the pipe inside and out ( it was really dirty ) washed the popsicle sticks and put them thought the holes and taped with duck tape on outside. this built a ladder on the inside of the pipe. Now Cocoa goes up and down with ease and since he can not see out he is no longer afraid to go up and down.

09-07-02, 07:24 pm
Most guinea pigs do like to climb ramps. Furthermore, ramps are great ways of connecting cages.
I highly reccomend ramps to guinea pigs- most enjoy them and have loads of fun running up and down them.