View Full Version : Resurrecting Dead Threads

05-31-05, 02:16 pm
There has been a bit of a problem lately with old threads being resurrected and causing a distraction.

I couple of days ago I opened the forum to see 4 pages of new posts waiting to be read. Most of the threads were very old and wading though them was a huge distraction..

I have no problem with medical or cage building posts being brought back, but the bringing back of "chit-chat" posts is gumming up the board.

If you are going to post in an old thread, thus bringing it back up to the top, make sure that the information in the thread is worth reading again and that you actually have something pertinent to say. Make sure you look at the date of the thread too. If someone asked a question a year ago...or even a month ago, chances are that the problem has been solved and there is no need respond.

05-31-05, 03:07 pm
Good Point Voodoo. I too have realized that. I stick to the ones that are there. If I need some info, I search the old ones or make a new one.

06-02-05, 09:53 am
Where I'm from we call that "thread necromancy".

06-06-05, 02:10 pm
Consider why they are being resurected? Maybe you need a no-post reference forum because they are asking related questions? I imagine you would know if this makes sense.

06-06-05, 03:09 pm
But some people may want to post in threads in general chat because they didn't get a chance to do so in the first place. It doesn't even happen that often - it was only because of Daisy and now that she's gone it's not a problem anymore.

06-07-05, 10:14 am
Maybe no one replied when they were posted first! I was very happy that someone did reply - even if it was after a few weeks, and even if it was Poohdaisy.

06-09-05, 11:12 pm
All the resurrected threads I saw were all answered and most with several posts within days of when they were originally started. Poohbear/Daisy was trying to get her post count way up there and therefore she would post anywhere and everywhere.

Lynx, I am seriously considering a no-post reference forum if Teresa will allow me to make one and put the answers to questions in there that are asked a million times. Also if people would learn how to use the search feature before asking some questions (i.e. bathing, appropriate veggies, introductions, etc), that would really help. It seems like in the last 2-3 weeks several members have asked the same question about bathing in as many threads.

06-10-05, 06:58 am
Lynx and Ly

I like that idea! It would save everone from a lot of typing.

06-11-05, 08:01 pm
I am gonna email T in the next few days about it. We'll see what she says.