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Skitz and Randy
02-12-12, 11:05 am
I own two boars but i havent taken any pictures of the one.

Skiz is about 2 years old. He lives on fleece bedding w/ timothy hay and pellets and romaine lettuce.
Skitz came from a negleced situation where he lived in a 1 foot by 2 foot aquarium wih pine shavings that were never changed and stale pellets. he never had any hay or veggies and his claws never clipped. He never had floor time and was alone wih no other piggies. Plus the water was only changed when he was out

Now, he lives in an 8sq ft cage with fleece bedding (changed daily) clean pellets daily, 2 large leaves of romaine lettuce daily, clean water, floor time, claws are clipped regularily and his long fur is groomed wih a soft brush. I am making his 8sq ft cage 2X larger (16 sqft) this month after he and Randy get used to each other (if they do)
Skitz was my first guinea pig and my goal is for him to live until he is about 8 (which is old I know haha)

Skitz likes grapes and carrots and cucumbers and celery leaves and grass. He can't get enough of grass. He never gets sick of lettuce (romaine)

He loves to much on his lettuce while I watch TV late at night he isn't quite used to humans yet bu he is getting there. He likes to hide in my hair and such and loves to cuddle in his warm blanket. (:

02-12-12, 11:11 am
Welcome to the forum,I am sure skitz is much happier now.