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02-11-12, 05:17 pm
I am so glad i found this site there is a ton of useful information!

I'm fairly new to being a piggy parent. I have owned 2 pigs before and showed them in 4-H but they never taught me how fun they could be as pets.

Last week my brothers friend texted me asking me if I would take a guinea pig that needed a home. She had rescued her and couldn't keep her because she already had 2 male piggies and didn't want babies. This piggy is now called Maggie Moo aka Maggie (its kind of a family joke). Maggie's previous owners had her in a small pet store bought cage, fed her rabbit food, gave her hardly any hay and no fresh veggies. She is about a year old. I think she is a Abyssinian American cross but I'm not positive.

Maggie is now being kept in the largest pet store cage I have and has a nice stockpile of hay and gets fresh veggies everyday. I have ordered 3 sets of cubes from sears for $17.59 each(i'm waiting for them to be shipped site to store. It takes longer but its free :) ) If my plans go well she will have a 2x5 cube cage with a 2x2 loft with lid (I have both cats and dogs). I plan on getting another female piggy so she has a friend but I'm not sure if it would be better to get a baby or an adult. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This is Maggie Moo sitting on the couch waiting for me so we can watch TV :)

02-11-12, 05:27 pm
Welcome to the forum!:)