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07-02-01, 05:52 pm
I received a very nice email from a person telling about this Petsmart cage. www.petsmart.com/small_an...9618.shtml (http://www.petsmart.com/small_animal/shopping/habitats___homes/products/product_19618.shtml)

It comes in an overall 7.2 sq foot size, however the build in hutch is made of "aromatic cedar." I was planning on putting this cage on the site, but with a pretty stringent warning about the cedar, basically advising against it.

Any thoughts on this?

Megan 00
07-03-01, 03:15 pm
That's a nice cage, but the cedar pary worries me. It really does seem like a nice cage... I wonder if there is some way to lower the cedar smell...Maybe there would be a way for someone to take that hutch out and make their own out of pine? or something safer. I don't know if it's possible, but i really do think it's a nice cage, for a petstore cage.

Cavy Crazy 2001
07-04-01, 10:00 am
That is a very nice cage but I am also worried about the cedar. As you know, it can harm cavies and I think you should send them a nice letter about this being a not-so-good cage for cavies.

07-04-01, 01:37 pm
Well, I already sent a nice response to the person who sent me the information in the first place. But, I haven't heard back from her, so it's possible she wasn't happy to discover that the cage she was so enthused about wasn't a good choice. Oh well . . .

I'm going to add some key eye-catching warnings to the front page of the site, no cedar, no wire-bottom cages, etc.

I think if you all want to contact the distributor (Petsmart) and the mfg, that would be great.

07-11-01, 12:57 pm
I am the one who bought the cage before I knew it was bad. Everyone will be glad to know that it was defective and I have sent it back. They asked me if I wanted another one and I told them no thank you. I am now on the hunt for a new cage.

Thank you Teresa for all your help and the wonderful website.


07-11-01, 01:54 pm
Glad that worked out. Now we need to let Pet-not-so-smart know. Hey I like that name for them! :)

01-26-02, 02:45 am
My cousin's wife works for PS in the home office. I won't say what they call it around their house, but it ryhmes with "Pet-cupid".

01-27-02, 01:59 am
I spoke too soon. My cousin's wife was laid off at Pet"smart", as they moved the catalog division out here to Phoenix. It was back there in the Rochester, NY area.

It turns out that she had ordered the Hunt Club bedding (it's made for horses, as well as little furry creatures) and it was a big seller in the few stores which carried it. When she was transferred to the catalog division, the product was dropped. It rhymes with "Petcupid"!

09-06-02, 09:51 pm
Please don't criticize PetsMart.... I LOVE this store and buy all of my pet supplies here- yes, the cage on PetsMart that was mentioned isn't so good for cavies, but overall, most of the products at their store are indeed good.

09-07-02, 10:19 pm
When Petsmart stops selling pets, then they'll be an okay store to buy supplies from. In the meantime, there are lots of other options. Have you a few of the comments from the Petsmart petition?

09-08-02, 08:52 am
I also wish they would stop selling pets there. But I guess a Pet Store can't be much without pets, now can it? :)
I think freshwater and saltwater fish being sold are okay- but dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, etc. need to be bought from shelters.
Oh yes Teresa- I did sign the PetsMart petition. Have a nice day!

09-08-02, 08:56 am
On this new page on my site: www.cavyspirit.com/supplies.htm, (http://www.cavyspirit.com/supplies.htm,) the first store listed is an awesome example of how cool a pet store can be without pets. Hopefully, it's a growing trend.