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05-30-05, 02:04 pm
Hi there. I have 2 guinea pigs at home. 1 is a shorthaired, the other is actually a skinny pig. Umm I don't know how far along she is, but I'm assuming pretty far, as she's HUGE! lol umm what do you feed the babies?? should i get a seperate cage for teh male? (the female is the shorthaired, the male is a skinny pig)

05-30-05, 02:24 pm
YES you should get a separate cage for the male. He will impregnate the female right after she gives birth otherwise. The babies will drink milk from their mother and begin eating normal guinea pig foods (hay, alfalfa pellets, and vegetables) within the first week.

This forum is an anti-breeding forum. There are far too many homeless pigs out there to justify breeding pigs.

05-30-05, 05:29 pm
Yes...what Salana said. We are a very anti-breeding/pro-rescue forum.

What I don't understand is why people breed animals when they know nothing about even the most basic care these animals need.

We will be happy to help you learn about how to bring the babies into this world and how to give them the best chance possible. In return you will have to learn from us why not to breed and proper houseing and care for your pets.

05-30-05, 05:42 pm
The pregnant mom and babies need to be fed alfalfa based hay and alfalfa based pellets. The pups need to be eating this until they're 6 months old, then you can start giving timothy hay. You can also give dandelion greens, and spinach as they have a good source of calcium. Make sure mom is getting lots of Vitamin C-she should be getting about 1/4 of a bell pepper (mine prefer red) a day. Or supplement with a chewable like Oxbow GTN-50C (I think it's called that). Make sure you have Oxbow Critical Care on hand in case you need to intervene and help out the pups or mom.

I agree with Voodoo and Salana- this site is anti-breeding and we don't encourage it among our members. I understand if this was an "accidental" pregnancy. Make sure you get your boar neutered so this won't happen any more. I know you care about your piggies and you don't want to put your sow in danger. And please remember to separate any male pups. They can impregnate the mom or sisters as early as 21 days old.

Good luck and feel free to post or email with more questions!

Slap Maxwell
05-30-05, 06:35 pm

05-30-05, 08:18 pm
Why on Earth would anyone want to breed any skinnies anyway.

Do you know that they have special needs? How are you caring for him?

05-31-05, 07:58 am
Sorry about posting this on your anti-breeding forum - I did not notice it was anti-breeding. Also, when we were inquiring about purchasing a skinny pig, we spoke to a breeder, and she told us that we could breed a skinny with a guinea pig...she walked us through (what we assumed) were the proper care procedures for raising these cavies. then when I noticed that my guinea pig was getting a lil' heavy, i called her and asked her questions, she never once said anything about what you are all talking about. I really regret buying them from her, as she apparently just wanted to make a sale rather than educate her buyers.

As for special needs for the skinny pig.... all i knew is that they need a warm-er area, no draft....and that we have to constantly check to make sure her hair isn't gathering on him in his groin area. The breeder also said that we can feed them the same food(s).... so there's nothing in particular that I have been doing for him, and not her.

I have printed our your threads and am going to purchase alfalfa hay and the other stuff you've all mentioned - and I am going to have to find another breeder that can assist me with her pregnancy. - we were planning on getting our skinny neutered, but we just had to wait for the funds to come in..and in the mean time...he got to her... SORRY!!

05-31-05, 09:36 am
It is great to hear that you are planning on having your skinny neutured. I am sure that you didn't know all of this stuff that we are telling you before...breeders often only do what is best for them, not their animals, so you are right that he probably just wanted a sale. Any responsible breeder knows that skinnies should not be breed, but either way its done now. I don't believe that you will need a breeders help with the pregnancy, for the most part they are very straightforward. You should be feeding your sow about twice as many veggies, which is about 2 cups and you should also give her veggies that have calcium in them like parsley and kale (but not too much). You will also want to remove the male at least a week or two before she is due because if not he could get her pregnant again right after she gives birth and this could be very hard on her body. Make sure that she gets plenty of exercise and when she gets closer to the birth try not to handle her too much because it might make her uncomfortable. The only other thing is that you should read up on the complications that can occur during the birth so that you will know the warning signs if something is wrong. I have went through 2 births myself and they are usually very quick and simple. Anyways, good luck and I hope you learned a little from us and remember that if we come on strong it is only because we care.

05-31-05, 09:48 am
Please do not go to a breeder and get more advice. Most likely you will get bad advice. Stay on the forum and we will be happy to help you through this. If you have no further intentions to breed you will probably end up fitting in well here. We have so much knowledge to share with you.

You can learn a lot from the people on this forum...much more then a breeder could/would tell you.

Do not trust breeders with the health and well-being of your pets. After all the breeder already gave you poor information. The breeder most likely has poor housing and feed for her animals. She may not even know what is correct. She basically encouraged you to breed (something a truly responsible breeder would never do) without telling you of the risks to your pets, what the babies would need to eat or even that the male must be removed before the babies are born or the sow will get backbred.

Get your info here. We truly have your pets' best interests at heart.

05-31-05, 11:18 am
Go to www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info/) and search the forums for skinny threads. They are very suspectible for ilnesses and have poor immune systems. They need extra heat, you have to wear gloves, or really wash up after handling them, and more food b/c they burn off more energy due to having no hair. This is just the start.

What area are you in?

06-02-05, 11:17 am
A responsible breeder - if there is one - are interested only in strengthening and improving the species. Thus, a responsible breeder would never breed skinnies, nor would they breed roans or dals. They would not breed guinea pigs that are sick. The guinea pigs would be well-housed to ensure healthy offspring. In addition, they would have some kind of spay/neuter agreement with whoever buys their pigs. Lots of dog breeders do this. First, pregnancies are potentially lethal, so it saves animals lives. Second, if it is a show quality or particularly popular breed, it keeps the buyer from becoming a competitor. Third, it works towards preventing backyard breeders.

You did not get your guinea pig from a responsible breeder, and I would be hesitant about asking another breeder for help. Responsible breeders are rare. *PLEASE* stay here or on guinealynx for help - I guarantee that some of the most experienced, knowledgeable guinea pig owners are on these forums, and you will get very good advice.

06-28-05, 02:25 am
jenkajoe - I can give you care tips for you.... without harassing you to death.

Matt & Guins
06-28-05, 04:00 am
jenkajoe - just for future referrence - young cavies can get pregnant as early a 3 weeks of age. Be sure that when your sow delivers that you correctly determine the sex of your pups and remove any boars from the sows cage at the correct age (they can go in with the father).

I am very shocked that the breeder you purchased these cavies from did not inform you of this information.

Good luck with the impending birth - I hope all goes smoothly :)

jenkajoe - I can give you care tips for you.... without harassing you to death.

Casper, this forum is (as clearly mentioned) anti-breeding. I would really advise against "advertising yourself" as being able to aid with information and breeding advice, especially considering your age of 13. Members here are trying to prevent any future breeding from these cavies.

Jenkajoe should be able to get care information here.