View Full Version : hello there u all piggy lovers!

01-31-12, 11:35 pm
friends,I have recently bought two male guinea pigs that are three months old.I dnt hav any experience in handling such delicate pets. need your help.lol
they are really cute..my husband likes them too.:)
I dnt know how to make them drink water from the water dispenser.please help me out .

01-31-12, 11:42 pm
Hi and welcome! We love pigtures around here so if you can please assist us with our addiction:crazy:! What were your boys drinking from before you brought them home? If you just got them they may be shy about doing anything while your watching. When I wash the lettuce for my boys I always leave it soaking wet so they are getting water that way. Also, run your finger across the ball on the water bottle to make sure it's working. Sometimes just a little tilting one way or another can mess it up.

01-31-12, 11:50 pm
hey Hhbean!
thanx for ur immediate reply!
i will soon upload the pic of my boys.their names are whisky and vodka;)
the bottle keeps on leaking when I tilt it to hang it to the cage for my piggies.the water starts droping down from the ball immediaely.is the bottle defected?

02-01-12, 12:00 am
I may be wrong about this but I recall others suggesting flipping the rubber ring inside the cap and that should help with the problem? I have fleece pads underneath all my bottles just in case:D!