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01-31-12, 04:47 pm
Hi guys! :) I was so excited about getting a C&C cage as I can now afford the largest one I could find, BUT it said that it only ships within the states??! I live in New Zealand :( where can I find C&C cages that will ship to here? any web sites u can reccomend? any help would be awesome!

01-31-12, 06:10 pm
You may not be able to find an whole cage that can be shipped to you. This means you will have to go find the materials to make your own. Check all of your local department/discount stores for the grids and sign shops/hardware stores for the corrugated plastic.

01-31-12, 06:13 pm
You will need to get the cubes and the corroplast separate and then you will you have to make your own....it is really fun this way because then you can build it to the size that you want and the shape you want.

01-31-12, 07:49 pm
I found my grids at Target in the bathroom section. They were only 19 dollars and I was able to make a 2x5 with a loft, and have enough extra to make a whole new cage. I couldn't find coroplast either :( So I used large sheets of cardboard from walmart, and covered it with a shower curtain. I spent a lot of time on it so it looks wonderful. Once its covered with the towels and fleece she doesn't even notice it.

01-31-12, 09:21 pm
PM KiwiCavyAdorer and see if she knows -- she's in New Zealand.

01-31-12, 11:13 pm
Thankyou! :)

01-31-12, 11:16 pm
Ok thanks :) Yeah would be nice to make one a different shape for them! Time to get creative hehe

01-31-12, 11:18 pm
I didn't think of cardboard and shower curtains... Thanks will keep it in mind when I go out shopping! :)

02-02-12, 01:09 am
Corflute is what the sign makers use in NZ it's another name for coroplast. It's easy to find. I went to a signmaker and asked if they had any big campaign or real estate signs they were throwing away as I wanted to make a guinea pig cage base.

I was given my pick of signs at no cost. The labels on them had gone on wonky, it took time to peel them off but I had perfect corflute underneath. You can cut and join with tape to get the size, shape you want.

Grids are a whole 'nuther story, I've looked for a year and not found anything suitable, in Wellington and Kapiti. Doesn't mean they don't exist just means that I haven't stumbled on them, however I did find a plastic coated wire company in Paraparaumu who will make up any size anything that you want. I googled and found them. There is a similar company in Auckland.

Please let me know if you find grids anywhere!

What some people do is buy from the net and have the grids shipped in.
I am currently working with a company to see if we can stock and offer c&c cages in NZ.

You can use anything on your cardboard to waterproof it, if you go that route, flooring options like lino, vinyl etc

Some people use perspex as a "grid" barrier, if you go this route make sure you have bottom level ventilation holes so the air can circulate properly.

02-02-12, 02:23 am
I don't know if this helps, but according to Guinea Pigs Australia - Grids (http://guineapigsaustralia.com/grids.htm) Payless Plastics sometimes stock grids in NZ.

02-02-12, 02:40 am
You can use wire closet shelves instead of grids. They make good lids for the cage too, if needed.
For example:
Amazon.com: ClosetMaid 48-by-12 Inch Wire Closet Shelf, White #1341: Home Improvement (http://www.amazon.com/ClosetMaid-Closet-Shelf-White-1341/dp/B000GPXB0K/ref=sr_1_2?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1328171974&sr=1-2)

03-09-12, 08:21 pm
theres a few of us going to do a bulk order for just the cubes sometime this week from amazon that ships to nz PM me if you want in and i can tell you the details :)