View Full Version : What Kind of coroplast?

09-11-02, 08:05 pm
My husband brought me home a piece of coroplast, just like a sample, but it is all plastic. Inside and out. Will this work or do u recommend the plastic on the outside and cardboard in the middle? i have posted before and nodody will ever answer. Please help me out? I'm trying to get my c and c cage built!!!

09-11-02, 09:23 pm
Coroplast is supposed to be all plastic. I've never heard of a kind with cardboard in the middle, but if it does exist, I doubt it would last very long (it would only need to get wet once).

The description of coroplast might have been confusing: the stuff is supposed to LOOK like corrugated cardboard, but it actually IS all plastic.

09-12-02, 07:50 am
My husband said they had both kind, he had no ideal what he was looking for, he just told them it was plastic that they make signs out of and that's what they gave him. He said they also had the same stuff but there was cardboard in the middle. Thanks for answering, I'm going to start building my cage this weekend.

09-23-02, 12:23 am
I try to have the coroplast with card board in the middle, thae SIGN company tell me that they use this kind of cardboard for calling cards, prepaid phone cards etc. and to what I've discovered those are not coroplast! those are glossed cardboards!
And it won't be very good as a cage floor it won't last long, they can be teared very fast and when a water is put they will start to shrink after days and it's ready for your paper mache artwork :)
And it's actually only 3% cheaper than of that the coroplast so why not by the real one? it won't cost much.