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01-30-12, 09:33 pm
Hi there, I'm Maree, a newbie to this site! I'm a guinea pig lover (obviously) haha but I've only just recently got a couple of guinea pigs for myself, Momichi and Patches :tearsofjo They have a big two storey hutch that I keep in my bedroom that they live in at night and morning, and a big run outside for them. My family and friends love them XD they are such affectionate guinea pigs with two big personalities. been saving up my art money for a C&C cage, would love to buy one someday to replace the hutch and give them a little more luxery. :heart:
So yeah, would be great to talk to some other guinea pig lovers :)

01-30-12, 11:11 pm
Welcome to the world of piggies! You will find all you need here for the health and happiness for your pigs. Check into all the great threads.
You will find we do love piggies here. and we do love pictures. Looking forward to sharing with you.