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01-29-12, 12:22 pm
Hi! I'm new here. My guinea pig is Corey. He has red eyes. Here's a picture: 19901
The camera took the red eyes away, sadly. :)
Corey is housed indoors, in my bedroom! He is our adored piggy, as he's a lone pig, and we try to pamper him to make up for it.
He loves carrots and red peppers, but that's really all we've tried with him. He kinda likes apples, and totally rejected the oranges we tried lol
Well, hi!

01-29-12, 01:14 pm
hello and welcome! your guinea pig is VERY cute :).

01-29-12, 02:41 pm
WOW He is adorable!!!! Bet he loves outdoor time. Can't wait until it warms up here.
Might want to be careful with the red peppers as they have sugar....at least that's what I have heard. Might want to ask someone. Green peppers are the best for them.

01-29-12, 03:25 pm
Cute pig! But you need to work on his diet. He needs red or green leaf lettuce, and green peppers have less sugar than red ones do. Also, carrots are high in vitamin A, and too much of that is not a good thing -- he should get no more than one baby carrot per day. Fruit is only a once or twice a week treat.

Read the "read me" sticky on the Diet and Nutrition forum for what can be fed and how often, and what shouldn't be fed.

01-29-12, 03:51 pm
Welcome to the forum! Check out all the great info here. As Bpatters says, great section in the diet/nutrition section on feeding your pig. For great reading on care and all things piggies, check the other great threads.
He is a very handsome pig. He must love all that grass! Welcome.