View Full Version : Newbie!

01-28-12, 02:44 pm
Hi all,
I'm new here, and not technically an owner yet. I'm doing as much research as I can before I brave being a responsible guinea pig mother. I've already learnt so much from all the forums, looking forward to hearing more!

01-28-12, 03:06 pm
Welcome! You will find the folks very helpful here!!

01-28-12, 03:34 pm
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for doing your research before you get your piggies!

01-28-12, 03:36 pm
Planning a c and c cage as we speak - which is a little tougher in the UK, but I think I've found places to get all the right stuff. I want to have it all set up before getting my little friends, so I'll have to hold off on rushing out and getting as many as I can as soon as possible! ;)