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01-27-12, 04:02 pm
Hello. I'm new to the forum and a first time guinea pig owner. I have two girl guinea pigs, Matilda and Gertie. They are about two or three months old. I've got a 2x4 C&C cage with fleece, and I'm working on a kitchen.

01-27-12, 05:34 pm
Welcome to the forum!

I love your piggies names. They are so cute. Do you have any pictures? We'd love to meet them.

01-27-12, 05:40 pm
yes and welcome 2 :3

01-27-12, 10:35 pm
Hi and welcome! Ditto the pigture request!

01-30-12, 05:05 pm
These aren't the best pictures. I've been so busy getting into the routine of taking care of them that I haven't had time to take good quality photos. That said, here are Matilda and Gertie. Matilda is black and brown. Gert is grey and white.

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