View Full Version : Salana's moderator status updated as "official"

05-28-05, 09:33 am
A long time ago, I asked Salana to be one of my gallery moderators. In granting gallery moderator status, she's also had board moderator abilities, but has kept a low profile.

As the board has grown, and my time to participate is extremely limited right now, I'm relying heavily on my very competent moderators to keep things in order, rescue order that is! :)

So, I've changed Salana's title from gallery moderator to moderator to recognize the work that she does for the forum.

Thanks, Salana.

05-28-05, 09:40 am
YAY SALANA!!!! happyhappyjoyjoy!

Daisy Duke
05-28-05, 11:01 am
Yay for Salana.

Slap Maxwell
05-28-05, 02:47 pm
Awesome Salana. Congrats.

05-28-05, 06:13 pm
That's great news, Salana. Congratulations.

Christys GPS
05-28-05, 07:12 pm
Congrats Salana, best of luck.

05-29-05, 10:30 am
Congratulations Salana!

Is Treen still going to be a mod? I haven't seen her that much lately on the boards.

Daisy Duke
05-29-05, 01:05 pm
Same here. Maybe she just scans the boards like Salana did. keeping a low profile.

05-29-05, 03:22 pm
Thanks everyone. Treen has a bunch of other obligations in real life so she can't spend as much time online as before.

Daisy Duke
05-29-05, 04:15 pm
No problem.

05-30-05, 07:03 pm
Congrats Salana. I always enjoy reading what you have to say here and on GL.

05-30-05, 09:22 pm
Congrats Salana!

Baby Bears
05-31-05, 11:25 am
Woo hoo! Congrats Salana! Quite a job you've got, keeping this motley crew straight!

05-31-05, 04:08 pm
Yay! Salana's finally turned green now. Hehehehehe.

06-05-05, 06:30 am
Congratulations, Salana! =D

smileyface cavy
06-05-05, 08:06 am
Wasn't salana green as a gallery mod?

Yay! Salana's finally turned green now. Hehehehehe.