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01-26-12, 01:10 pm
I just love this forum, and after buying several useless books on piggies, I think everyone here should collaborate on a new book. I'm already learning so much!

I got my piggie, Daisy, from a coworker whose daughter was allergic. I just love her, even though she's very skittish. I wheek to her, and she wheeks back, and she just loves her fresh salads for dinner. I am getting 3 new piggies from a rescue in 2 weeks, and I'm building a new cage for them all to share (with dividers until they get used to each other) that will be 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, and I want to add a loft. I have been anxious about owning very small pets since my hamsters and hedgehog died, feeling such "pocket pets" are too delicate, but I'm turning into such a piggie fanatic. I really love my girl, and I hope she'll enjoy the new friends I'm getting to keep her company. I'll post pics soon.

Thanks for posting so much useful info here, it's a beautiful site, and it has become my main resource for finding answers to my many questions!

01-26-12, 01:14 pm
Hi There!!! So glad you joined us.

Thank you so much for adopting your piggies. I don't know about you, but it gives me such a wonderful feeling to know that I am doing my part to help save a life. I'd save them all if I could...LOL

Your cage is going to be great for 4 piggies to share. Glad you're doing your research before you bring the rest of your babies home.

01-26-12, 02:22 pm
So good to know your making yourself at home and having a good time! Unfortunately, I didn't rescue my little piggies,:guilty:, but axedentily got a pregnant female for a gift...I love them dearly, but next time I get piggies I am going to try to adopt them! So glad you could join us!!!! It is wonderful just as you said. We all love it here, it's so useful, and yes that would be nice if you could get us some pix, I'm going to try to get some of my pix as well. And good luck with your futer piggies!!!!!

Thanks for letting me post,

01-26-12, 03:01 pm
so glad you joined us.:cheerful:

01-26-12, 04:08 pm
Thanks for the warm welcome. I have 9 cats-all trap and rescue cats, 3 of which I'm fostering, and bunny that someone was going to dump at the shelter, and 2 big dogs. Oops, forgot the last rescue cat being fostered-make that 10 cats! I waited so long to get a piggie because I didn't want to go to the pet store...