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01-26-12, 12:22 pm
I purchased two female guinea pigs in December and have decided that they are both pregnant. The smaller one, Miss Piggy, is quite large and you can see and feel the pups moving. I certainly didn't plan on this but plan to add on to our c&c cage and keep as many as I can (all female). I've been on another forum but wanted to introduce myself here and make new friends.
Pics included!
Miss Piggy:
BB (going to vet)

01-26-12, 12:24 pm
They look like sweethearts. I hope everything goes will with the pregnancies and birth. Keep us updated in pictures!

01-26-12, 12:28 pm
So adorable! I love the white foot on BB -- and the cute little bum on Miss Piggy. There are a lot of people with experience with pregnant piggies so you've come to the right place. I learn something new every day.

01-26-12, 01:01 pm
Welcome to the forum!!

Thanks for sharing pigtures of your darlings with us. They are precious.:heart:

:cheerful: Sending your piggies health vibes for healthy births and healthy babies.

01-26-12, 04:23 pm
Thank you for the warm welcome! I am sure I will have questions about the pups. Glad I found this site - you guys are great!