View Full Version : How many do i need

01-22-12, 06:09 pm
hey guys soon i am getting my four new guinea pigs i cant wait lol :D
but firist i need to get a water bottle and as i am getting 4 how many would i need to get of the larges one how many would i need
let me know cheers

01-22-12, 06:11 pm
I would get at least 1 large one per pig, and an extra or two won't hurt; especially if you have a multi-level cage. Make sure each level has water bottles. Congratulations!

01-22-12, 07:19 pm
Maybe one per pig, but it will depend on the pigs. Do these pigs live together now, and you're getting the whole herd, or are you going to do introductions of strange pigs to each other?

If you're going to introduce them, read Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm) -- the introductions section is about half way down.

Are you getting males, or females? Males will need more room in the cage than females.