View Full Version : Bunny Breakout! *Pics*

05-27-05, 02:28 pm
Ok well I will first start out by telling you I have two bunnies Lilly and Cotton. They are male and female...not in the same cage (hoping to get them spayed and neutered soon). Well on with my story, so this morning I went down to the basement to look for something. My bunnies live in the basement....my parents made them. After I finished looking for the thing I was looking for I decided to go and say hi to my bunnies. Cotton was gone! His cage looked like Godzilla found it and taken his house apart. The doors were flung off his litter box and food was every where, everything was torn apart. So I quickly put his cage back together and went to find him...I called his name and he came running around the corner, but then he saw me and took off the other direction :/ silly rabbit. I had to chase him around for a bit, but I got him and put him back in his cage. Then about 20 minutes later I went down stairs to take care of them...he was out again :/ So I went up stairs to find a new mega lock for his cage hahahahah no more bunny brake outs! As I am chasing him around getting him back in his cage my little Lilly is eating her hay and looking at my as to say ohh I am such a good little bunny, not a big naughty bunny like him. lol so now both bunnies are happily safe and sound...

This is a picture of them both....it was hard to take because I had to make sure they didn’t umm get to close.

Here is Lilly:

Here is Cotton:

Daisy Duke
05-27-05, 02:30 pm
Awww... cute bunnies.

05-27-05, 05:35 pm
Awwwwwwwww so cute. I used to have 2 dwarf lops and I miss them dearly. I had to rehome them due to no space and our landlord would not wait for another 8 to 10 mos for us to move into our new house.

Daisy Duke
05-27-05, 06:52 pm
Sorry about that Angel. They were so cute.

Slap Maxwell
05-27-05, 07:00 pm
Wow.. Lily is beautiful.

05-27-05, 08:07 pm
Its ok. I talk to the girl who took Abby and I am waiting for my friend to give me the other lady's number who took Thumper. All I know is that they both are doing well and has made friends with other buns.

Daisy Duke
05-28-05, 06:47 pm
Thats good.

Christys GPS
05-28-05, 07:14 pm
What adorable bunnies. He seems like a little stinker huh?

Daisy Duke
05-28-05, 07:15 pm
I wish I had a bunny.

06-17-05, 01:07 pm
i had a bunny..... he is small.....black fur and he is so so cute

06-17-05, 01:09 pm
oh, your bunny' s is so cute....

06-17-05, 03:27 pm
They are beautiful!!!

07-16-05, 10:45 am
can you say Cute!!!!

07-21-05, 11:31 pm
Beautiful! Are they Rex's?

07-22-05, 06:06 am
Yes, they are both mini rexes. But I think Cotton is a mini rex X rex because he is too large to be a mini but too small to be a rex.

07-22-05, 08:49 am
How big is he? He looks quite large.

07-22-05, 02:42 pm
He is about 5.5-6 pounds and Lilly is about 3.5-4 pounds.

07-22-05, 04:56 pm
Hmm- I guess he just looks bigger because he's white, and next to Lilly.