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01-18-12, 06:27 pm
Hi I just joined this site, mainly to help gather myself information on how to build bonds with my new piggys.

I used to have 3 of the adorible fellows, however sad circumstances and within a couple - 3 mounths of one another my two active, bright and loud piggys died. the survivor had recived bullying from one of my old ones and so has issues :(.

So now Teddy (my survivor) Is socially unhappy and I don't seem to cut it for him, I did get a pair of new ones A.) to help my heart whitch shattered when "No-No" died.... and B.) to assist in cheering Teddy up as I do have a job :/ and Mocha hated Teddy. (No-No made them not fight and made mochan ot bully teddy, the balance to the scale sadly was the first to go,) and C.) To give Mocha a reason to stop being so grumpy, Mocha liked the new ones but died two months after they arrived.....:(

I've had these two since summer however the new Male Bosley decided he hated teddy out of the blue and brutilized teddy who spent over 2 months recovering, however overcame all the injures right as rain and is now becoming semi active again. Angel is my female piggy (with no apparent sexual appeal lol) Who is afraid of everything :P

Blah I go on and on. Well would anyone have advise in helping pigs get allong or myself forging bonds with skiddish pigs. I'm begining to get really unhappy as I don't know how to make Teddy happy, I was thinking of adopting him a "son" or "daughter" as I am fine with another pig.

My main concern is the fact Teddy has been complaining or being loud over something and will continue after I cover every base note I can consider to cheer him up or supply what he might want :/. I also know it is unlikely he is sick as he is acting quite normal and when he got his cute butt kick he showed it.

Also anyone know if breed of pig will help affect if they will like each other or not.

01-18-12, 07:12 pm
Welcome to the site!

I'm having a hard time understanding your post. You have two males and a female in a cage together?? If your boys or girl isn't fixed you need to take her out immediately! She very likely could be pregnant or get pregnant, which is very risky and no fair to her. Never keep intact males and non-spayed females together. Here's a link about the dangers of breeding pigs: Breeding Guinea Pigs (http://www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm)

Here's a link with some good tips for making your pigs bond: Guinea Pigs Social Life (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm#Introductions)

A good way for you to bond with your pigs is mostly just to spend time with them! Handfeeding, floor time, talking to them calmly, sitting with them, etc., are all ways to help show that that you don't want to hurt them.

01-18-12, 07:35 pm
The males get swapped out with each other every third week for Angel(female) time (as she does not fight), I have surveyed them heavily and angel hit heat once ever and told the male to go away by discharging him away when he was inspecting her rump, I was originally going to separate them around that time period before spaying but this convinced me that she did not find him interesting. also like stated she seems to hate anything near her bottom so will scarper 5 feet from anyone nuzzling or sniffing her behind. The other reason is she cries without company -.-

Which would you advise neuter both boys or get her done?

On a side note Teddy looks like the Piggy in your picture. its cute :P

this is Teddy


I thought I had a picture of the others on photo bucket but that's a no dunno how to move Facebook pictures.

01-18-12, 07:44 pm
I wouldn't let her interact with any of the males. She can get pregnant any time, and it only takes a second for it to happen. Females have a one in five chance of dying because of pregnancy.

If I were you, I would adopt a female friend for Angel. This way she could have her own buddy to hang out with and not have to worry about her getting pregnant. Neutering males is less risky than spaying a female. They still need to be separated for 3 weeks while the boars heal to make sure any living sperm dies off.
I am really stressing that you don't let Angel play with your males anymore. There is a very good chance that she could already be pregnant. I would keep a watch on her and weigh her daily.

To keep the peace with your males, I would make sure they have a large enough cage. The second link I provided gave great info for getting pigs to bond.

01-18-12, 07:51 pm
I'll seperate angels later tonight, I can put the cage I put her in in the one her buddy is in and he'll still have more room than he'll need and she is still within nuzzleing range, I guess I'll use introducing tatics to keep them together.

I do inspect her every day though, I suppose because my origional three never had a kid, and I discovered this after No-No died (she was the girl and my Vet said she most likely was just incapable or breeding hence why I got no new Cavies with them XD.

01-18-12, 08:09 pm
If you really want angel in the cage with the other males, why don't you partition off like half of the cage with something see through (like left over grids), if your really concerned with them being together. Because I totally agree with ellisa the female CAN get pregnant. No matter what the circumstances.

01-18-12, 09:58 pm
Inspecting her every day won't keep her from getting pregnant. Please don't put them together, even if they're supervised. The males are incredibly quick, and she can be impregnated in just seconds.

If you care for your female, you won't breed her. She has a 1 in 5 chance of dying while giving birth, and the mortality rate for pups is high also. If you want another pig, post the name of the city you live closest to, and we'll see if we can help you find another female to go in with her.

01-18-12, 11:50 pm
If you really want angel in the cage with the other males, why don't you partition off like half of the cage with something see through (like left over grids), if your really concerned with them being together. Because I totally agree with @ellisa (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=17918) the female CAN get pregnant. No matter what the circumstances.

Hello there, and a BIG WELCOME TO YOU ! :cool:

Please, please listen-- to all the advice given. Especially from bpatters, who is our Moderator and is well educated and very experienced in all matters concerning guinea pigs. As previously mentioned, it only takes a second, for Angel to become pregnant by your males. Only a second.

For now, I would put a divider in, so they do not feel all alone. When you feel ready, I would adopt/rescue a female for Angel, and keep the boys in a separate cage.

The minimum size cage for boys over 18 months old would be a 2x4 cage. If they are younger than that ( in many people's experienced opinion) would be a 2x5 c&c cage...and that is if they get along, otherwise I suggest a 2x6 c&c cage. Again, welcome to you new friend, and good luck !:)

01-19-12, 12:03 am
yeah I'll take that all to heart, i did seperate them, the only reason like I said they got to stay was because angel was to what I knew possibly in heat and It was play time, when Bosley was snuffling at him she rejected him so I assumned he was no good enough for her >.> at the time I had been reading up a little and the site I used said that a female doing that was to show she was uninterested, but I'll take that to heart like I said. I can wait with them seperate until I gwet bosley nutered. thank you all :)