View Full Version : What are the noises my ginny makes?

01-17-12, 07:35 pm
She only does that, when I pick her out of the cage, and put on the laps, or just let her sit on the bed. She never does that while inside the cage for some reason. I tried to search the net for simmilar sounds, but couldn't find anything that sounds like that. Here is the sound:


I know she sounds very loud in the video, it's rare when it's loud like that. Normally the sound is much quiter. I just don't understand what she wants/needs/saying.

Anyone that can translate the piggy-language to me?

01-17-12, 07:44 pm
It just sounds like she is talking. My little Buddy does that all the time. Most guinea pigs do. You pet them and they squeak like that.

01-17-12, 07:51 pm
I just played the video and my boys are squeaking back!

01-17-12, 08:22 pm
Aw, so cute:)

Thank you for the info guys!.:)

Its just so strange, cuz she always seems so agitated whenever I pick her up and tries to escape and climb my shoulder, while making that noise. So i thougt maybe that noise is a sign of something, like fear or that she needs to pee... I just dont know, she never makes that noise when shes inside the cage, and when shes out she just goes crazy climbing me and looking agitated, so I thought that maybe that noise means something particular.. btw why does she climb my shoulder all the time? fear?:confused:

01-17-12, 08:27 pm
My pig makes the same noise. Usually when she is stretched out on me and relaxed so i am going to say it is because she is happy. If not then my piggy is never happy on me.

01-17-12, 08:36 pm
Mine makes that sound too and I couldn't figure it out! At first I thought it was the happy chutting noise, but then I thought it was the agitated, annoyed noise... Yikes, they make so many different noises lol. I hope it means good things!

01-17-12, 08:44 pm
its just so amazing how quickly she learned my "food" word and she can recognize it even if Im mention it accidently in a sentace, she instantly starts sqeaking, where as I still dont know what she means! Maybe some piggies make that noise when they are happy:) But mine always seems so agitated and nervous when she is outside her cage, always trying to run somewhere, so I can only wonder..:(

02-07-12, 10:57 pm
Mine called back. That was cute. I too have a pig that insistes on talking right under my chin. Gives kisses too. I have to put her away while I talk shes so loud lol.