View Full Version : Just became a Cavy Mom! :D

01-15-12, 06:12 pm
Hi Everyone!

I stumbled upon this website a few years ago when looking to build cube cages for our 4 rabbits. Not only did we end up building them spacious new homes with the direction and advice of this site but also one for our hamster and my brother-in-laws hedgehog.

Since then I have been on here off and on, looking at everyone's photos and falling in love with how adorable the guinea pigs are! Somehow today became the day I finally brought home an adorable male Abyssinian guinea pig who I've named Butters! I am both excited and nervous.....we have many other animals but I've never had a cavy! I did lots of research prior to getting Butters but if anyone has any advice, tips etc. please feel free to share them!

Loving Mom to:
1 Beta - Moosh
4 Rabbits - Willow, Ollie, Rocky & Honey
2 Golden Retrievers - Murray & Genevieve
1 Parrotlet - Ella
2 Cats - Charlie & Indie
1 Cavy - Butters