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05-26-05, 11:40 am
This is a rabbit question, but I know some of you have rabbits, and would like to run this by you...

My rabbit, Sooty, has had a series of serious (i.e. life-threatening) eye infections since last November. We have battled to keep on top of them, but the current infection is not just the tear duct/ tooth roots, but inside the eyes itself. We are giving her a week or so on the strongest antibiotics available, but are going to have to consider removing both eyes if it doesn't heal as the vet says there is a danger the infection will spread up the optic nerve into her brain.
She has been completely blind for the last two months - no response at all to any visual stimulus - and she is behaving exactly the same as always - jumping up on boxes, eating well, finding the water bottle.
Has anyone had any experience of an "eye-ectomy", and has anyone any advice for us?

Slap Maxwell
05-26-05, 11:40 am
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05-26-05, 01:45 pm
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05-26-05, 01:52 pm
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I really hope your rabbit keeps doing well!!

05-26-05, 02:01 pm
If she doesn't improve, then you should go ahead and have her eyes removed. Rabbits can do fine without their sight and you already said she is acting normal. Is she bonded to another rabbit? If not, you may want to try so she can have a guide bunny. Are you a member of any Yahoo groups? There is a rabbit group called etherbun, it is an excellent group (especially for medical and behavioral advice); I'm sure at least several people there have experience with blind rabbits.

05-26-05, 02:10 pm
Thanks for that. I know this thread is now going to be banished to the kitchen for what I am about to say, so deep breath....
Sooty has a guide-guinea. Yep, she lives with three pigs. Offie takes care of her, grooming her and cuddling up and just being there. When I take Sooty out for her eye treatment, which takes about half an hour, Offie just sits and stares at the kitchen window till I bring "her" rabbit back. I am keeping tabs on all their weights, and Offie is currently almost exactly twice Sooty's bodyweight. Also Sooty has mildly deformed back legs which mean she can't really kick properly, so the main dangers are less acute in our case.
I guess some people might be wondering, given the state she's in, but Sooty is a long way away from needing euthanasia!

05-26-05, 02:30 pm
I admire you for your stamina in taking great care of your bunny. Alot of people would have looked into putting her to sleep. I couldnt imagine what the vet bill is going to be. I wish you luck and hope you keep us posted in how she is doing.

Slap Maxwell
05-26-05, 03:19 pm
I posted that hoping you would get it before the 10 minute mark. That's okay.

Daisy Duke
05-26-05, 05:43 pm
I hope your bunny does well. I wish you and your bunny the best.

06-09-05, 01:59 pm
Latest update: Sooty got over the last internal eye infection and is doing brilliantly. we are now waiting to see how she gets on - the next infection gets two days of drops, which has usually been enough to fix it without her going off her food, and if that doesn't work she will have the op before she gets sick. Luckily, our vet has just been on a training course for small animal anaesthesia, specialising in buns and pigs, and his survival rate is very good. If anyone else ever needs a Yorkshire vet, Wicstun Practice is absolutely marvellous. (They do cows too - just like James Herriot!)

07-21-05, 11:39 pm
I'm new- and checking out all the buny posts. How's Sooty doing?