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05-25-05, 08:35 pm
I've read lots of messages mentioning people who have gotten their rabbits spayed, but I'm a poor Graduate student and can't afford the $300 surgery (at least, that was the price quoted to me by the first vet I took her to). Does anyone know of any spay clinics in the NYC area with more reasonable rates? I know it's a necessary procedure.

Thanks in advance!

05-26-05, 05:36 am
Try contacting the aspca in your area. They may have reduced rates. Here is the link the the nyc aspca: http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=nyc_homeIf you are not in nyc here is their main website: http://www.aspca.org/

Keep shopping around. $300 is a bit high. Speak to your local animal shelter they will be able to recommend a good vet as well.

05-27-05, 09:00 am
Spaying a rabbit is much higher than a neuter because its more complicated. The spca in your area can give you a reduced rate but even here it cost me 165 to have a spay done. I paid 145 to have my male fixed but it was laser so it was more pricy