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05-25-05, 10:59 am
Thought I better do a wee introduction to me and my GPs. I'm from Scotland, been keeping GPs since I was 11 back in 1992 and I'm currently the proud owner of two lovely female piggies.

Bracken is a 3ish year old abyruvian (abysinnian/peruvian cross) who I adopted from our local rescue centre whilst looking for a hamster! She was found by a person walking their dog and was riddled with ear mites and mange, and partially bald. She has improved in leaps and bounds though still requires treatment once in a while as her skin problem resurfaces fairly regularly despite a picture perfect diet and being housed on fleece. She is going for a scan soon to our local vet hospital as we suspect she may have ovarian cysts. She's been in the wars but she's now in her forever home so hopefully she'll be with us for years to come.


Bonnie is our (exceptionally photogenic) baby, a bit of a mixture of breeds. She is 8 months old and was the result of one of my workmates purchase of a (though she didnt know it at the time) pregnant pig from a pet shop. She acts more like a hamster - being exceptionally into climbing and she will attempt to eat ANYTHING remotely food related. She's rather partial to her sleeping bag (as illustrated), in which I witnessed for the first time a guinea pig closing their eyes to sleep!


And so we all live happily together along with Bam the (aged) hamster and three fish. Not in the same cage, mind you - piggies are the proud resident of a C&C cage I built last month :D

05-25-05, 11:06 am
What beautiful girls you have there...welcome!

Baby Bears
05-25-05, 11:08 am
Bonnie is the perfect name for her, as she is quite pretty! Bracken looks like a fuzzy, silly young lady. They are beautiful. Please update us on Bracken's health issues.

Percy's Mom
05-25-05, 11:25 am
Your girls are both beautiful, and SO lucky to have someone so loving to take care of them! If you interact with your "children" the way I'm sure most, if not all of the rest of us do, you're just as lucky to have them.

05-25-05, 11:56 am
They are both so adorable!!! Poor Bracken has been thru some tough stuff. Hopefully she will come out of this cysts scare ok. Please let us know how the vet visit goes.

Welcome to the site!

05-25-05, 12:02 pm
I hope so. All the vets at our local practice are wonderful with rodents. I do believe that they think I'm rather mental for spending such a fortune (including the initial donation to the Scottish SPCA to adopt Bracken, it's come to about £100 in less than a year). I'd go without food and water before letting them suffer!


Piggie kisses and thanks for all the welcomes.

05-25-05, 04:42 pm
Welcome, and you have beautiful girls! I love the sleeping bag.

Slap Maxwell
05-25-05, 04:48 pm
I love your pigs, Bonnie esspecaily!

05-25-05, 11:34 pm
Beautiful girls! How could you not fall in love with that face? (Bracken) Such a cute picture. And Bonnie, so sweet. welcome to this site. It is the best and so addictive. You will learn so very much.

05-26-05, 11:56 am
What beautiful piggies you have! I love the lips on Bracken, and Bonnie-what an adorable face! Good luck on your medical "hurdles" with Bracken and welcome to the forum!

Emily F.
05-26-05, 12:24 pm
Welcome, and thanks you for introducing yourself and your pigs, they are very cute. Have fun here!

05-26-05, 01:12 pm
I have a Bonnie, too (she's the one in my avatar)! Welcome to the forum, and your pigs are reaaaally cute! I hope Bracken gets through this okay and has many happy years in front of her.

05-26-05, 03:17 pm

I'm quite shocked how much my Bonnie looks like Denise's piggy in her avatar!

Slap Maxwell
05-26-05, 03:23 pm
With the white crest she reminds me of my Simon, in my avatar.

Daisy Duke
05-26-05, 05:37 pm
Aww... how cute!

05-26-05, 05:48 pm
Bonnie. Is. Adorable!!! Awwwwwwww.

Daisy Duke
05-26-05, 05:49 pm
Yes Bonnie is cute. Coco is my photogenic pig.

05-26-05, 05:50 pm
My piglets have a tendency to move/jump/turn their heads just as the camera snaps the photo. So I have a bunch of photos of the bottom of their cage, empty hayracks, and blurred piggie bottoms.

Baby Bears
05-27-05, 05:18 am
Apparently my boys have a problem with having their picture taken. Every time I snap the camera they collectively look at me and start wheeking. After they settle down, I do it again, and get yelled at again. I guess they expect compensation for the photo shoot. I'll have to talk to their agent.

05-27-05, 03:48 pm

I'm quite shocked how much my Bonnie looks like Denise's piggy in her avatar!

I thought so too!!!

05-28-05, 01:03 am
Aww terrific pics! Welcome!!