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01-07-12, 08:18 pm
My name is Alicia, I currently have two female Guinea Pigs (Rocket Socket McGuinea and Dottie) a cat (Surrey) and two Goldfish (Leviathan XXIIII II and Bilbo) I take very good care of all of my animals and it shows in how healthy and happy they all are. As for me I work part time and am a full time student.... uhhh yeah, well I guess that's about it.

Good to meet you all?

01-07-12, 08:40 pm
Hi and welcome! Is that one of your girls in your avatar picture? We have a picture addiction around here:shhh: so hand them over if you have any!:D

01-07-12, 09:11 pm
Welcome!!! Love the names, Bilbo!!!!!!!!!! :)

01-07-12, 09:37 pm
Yes. :) That's Socket taken the day I got her. I'm glad that you like pictures because I have a ton of them! The names are all a bit.... different, but why not have crazy names for them? It's part of the fun!

01-07-12, 09:53 pm
Please tell me that Surrey has, erm, fringe on the top??

01-07-12, 09:55 pm
Fringe? Please elaborate, I'm intrigued. lol

01-07-12, 09:58 pm
Lol, obscure reference, I guess--there's a song in the musical "Oklahoma" called "Surrey With the Fringe on Top." Since "fringe" in the UK is what we'd call "bangs" (as in hair), I was hoping maybe your Surrey had bangs...fringe on top?...well, it made sense in my head, anyway. :)


01-07-12, 10:07 pm
Ahh, that does make sense! Unfortunately she does not have bangs. She's a short hair dilute tortishell. I named her Surrey because it kinda sounded like surly and when I first got her she behaved almost like a feral cat, couldn't touch her without getting a good scratch. I like your reasoning on the name better tho. lol She's a sweetheart now, took two years to mellow her out, but I did it! She even plays with the Guinea Pigs (Under my close watch of course) They like to play tag, it's the cutest thing, surrey will run up to one of them and lightly bat at it then the guinea will turn around and chase after her!

01-08-12, 09:08 pm
Welcome to the forum Alicia. We do have a picture addiction. Look forward to talking to you and hearing more about your girls.