View Full Version : Making grate safe for floor time?

01-07-12, 04:57 pm
Hi, All,

I think that Rosie (who came home with me Tuesday) is settled enough in her new home to try her first floor time tonight! I'm thinking I'll try her in the bathroom first. The only thing in there that's not pig-proof is the heating grate in the floor--I don't want her to catch her little legs in there. Any ideas what I could put over the grate? It would need to be removable, heavy enough that she can't move it herself, and pee- and nibble-proof.


Thank you!

01-07-12, 05:26 pm
A towel? A book? A plastic tub? You really just need something to put over it so she can't get on it so almost anything will work. I don't know how cold it is where you are but maybe a basket so the heat can still get out and she can't get on it?

01-07-12, 05:35 pm
Well I'm using a towel right now, just to try it...she loves sitting on it, but when the heat comes on the towel billows up and she clearly has NO idea what's going on. Lololol, my poor clueless pig.

A plastic tub might be good for next time. Other suggestions welcome, too. Thanks!

01-07-12, 06:28 pm
They sell those magnetic vent covers : Hampton Direct 60260 3pk 8x15 Mag Vent Cover (http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=vent+cover&hl=en&cid=5120256015398334348&ei=AeMIT6SLIaPJsAf3tLXUAQ&ved=0CAcQ8wIwAA#p) You'd have to supervise to make sure she doesn't chew it, but that would cover it completely.