View Full Version : why not(plz hurry b4 the morning)

05-24-05, 09:16 pm
INSTEAD OF using the closet organizers could i just use the huge play pins they sell as a wall?Just like make it into a cage and put a bottom on it!

05-24-05, 09:22 pm
Im not sure what that is, but if you have a target by you they usally have the closet organizers. And this forum requires you to not use chat talk.

05-25-05, 02:17 am
YOu would need at least two for a little less than a 2x4 it is a way better deal to get the grids. I'm pretty sure you are talking about the primary colored ones like this: http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/images/products/detail/large/i/inP0/inP018321large_ddbd.jpg , right?

Slap Maxwell
05-25-05, 04:06 am
PLEASE do not use chat speak. It is hard to read, and annoying.

The ones that Dag pointed out are too low. The pigs will be able to jump over them if it is used as long term housing.