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01-07-12, 07:35 am
Another newbie to the forum here! I'm getting two piggies on Thursday, and this forum has been an invaluable resource in finding information for and convincing the parents! Thought I'd better sign up, and do what I can for the community. Thank you so much.

The piggies I'm getting are a Merino and a Coronet, called Pippin and Merry.

01-07-12, 08:03 am
Hi! I have two pigs as well, my 'stupid mice' as my daddy and i like to call them :3

01-07-12, 08:09 am
Haha! When we had guinea pigs when I was little, they were always referred to as the mini pigs.

01-11-12, 09:52 am
The pigs are arriving tonight now! I'll be sure to post pictures of them, when they have arrived.

01-11-12, 12:28 pm
Yeah!! I can't wait to see some pics!! You and the pigs will have a blast!!

01-11-12, 01:33 pm
Are your pigs babies or adults? We can't wait to see photos : )

01-11-12, 04:01 pm
They're 7 weeks old, so cute! So shy too though, hopefully they'll warm up to me soon. They've spent all the time in the cage so far, just hiding in their little house.
Here are some pics! Not great, so hopefully I'll get some more when it's actually daylight soon.
And Pippin!

Little Mommy
01-11-12, 04:24 pm
They are very cute. I love the curly haired one. I've only seen them in books. Are they soft or wirey? Good luck with your new babies.

01-11-12, 05:10 pm
OMG they are adorable!

01-12-12, 02:26 am
Little Mommy - Pippin is so soft, it took me by suprise! It'll be interesting to see how their fur goes as adults, but for now their both soft and cuddley as anything!
By the looks of the cage they came out for a bit last night to eat, but they're back in their hidey box. Hopefully they'll start reconising me soon!

01-12-12, 07:02 am
Adorable piggies!