View Full Version : Rats/Mice cages for uni??

01-06-12, 10:07 pm
Hi :)
I was wondering if anyone has ever had rats/mice in college/university?? I know it's not allowed, but my sister had a fish and my mother has had a mouse. I was wondering if anyone had any cages that reduce noise or are soundproof so that I can hide the cage on the day that the cleaners come? It must be easy to clean. prefferably a slide out tray at the bottom for newspaper and bedding.

01-06-12, 11:06 pm
Uhm.... Any cages that will be sound proof (I would think) would also be air-tight... I don't have any experience with mice or rats, so I don't really know about the plastic cages with vents in them, and whether or not they're good at reducing noise. But, if you're not allowed to have them in the dorm, and there is a good chance of the cleaning staff finding them, I would suggest waiting until you live somewhere that will allow them. (btw, what college are you going to that has cleaning staff enter your rooms? When I was in the dorms, they would clean the bathrooms, but never enter the dorm rooms. Therefore it was beyond EASY for people to have frogs and salamanders and huge fish tanks (I go to an environmental school lol))

01-07-12, 11:15 pm
All of the uni's in QLD have cleaners come into your room to clean. Lol!