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01-06-12, 05:12 pm
I am living in Canada with a husband, three kids and currently two piggies, though three new ones will be intoduced Monday. The first two are my daoughter's and I just fell in love. Cocoa and Puff are here now and soon to arrive are Harriet, Matilda and Portia. Looking forward to hangin out here!:)

01-06-12, 05:36 pm
Welcome! Take plenty of time to look around. There is tons of great information here.

If you have pigtures we'd love to meet you babies.

01-06-12, 05:42 pm
Welcome! I am also a Canadian guinea pig lover and owner! Ditto on the picture request! :)

01-06-12, 05:42 pm
Hello..I agree would love to see pigtures..

01-06-12, 09:46 pm
Welcome to the forum! Kudos to you for adopting so many piggies. Looking forward to sharing and of course lots of pictures.

01-06-12, 10:03 pm
Hi and welcome! If you didn't know before, we have a piggy pigture addiction around here:shhh:!

01-07-12, 12:00 am
Haha! Ok, I will get piggie pics on Monday, and see if I can figure out how to post them...
I just finished expanding the cage for the new girls. I hope they like it!

01-07-12, 12:03 am
Hey, PetGal49, I'm in Saskatchewan, too. Kinistino...what about you?