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09-08-02, 03:55 pm
Hi- I have a question to ask. Our "Piggy Palace" has ramps which connect each of the 4 stacked cages and we are trying to think of a covering to put over the ramps, so the pig's feet won't get injured from running up and down them. I need something to put on the ramps, still allowing the piggies to crawl up and down the ramps easily.
Please help!
A picture of our "Piggy Palace" is on the General Chat forum.

09-10-02, 03:47 am
What is the ramp made out of?
You could possibly put strips of carpet down. But if the ramp is made out of wood it is good for their nails to use it bare. So you may want to just leave it, maybe add some rungs so they don't slip.

Good Luck! ;)

09-10-02, 05:06 pm
Thanks for your input. The ramps are made out of a thick wire(which can be bad on the cavies feet)....... I don't know if carpet will work since the ramps are so steep- anymore suggestions? Thanks!

10-10-02, 10:46 pm
Those metal ramps are really bad for their feet. I agree, that the wood ramp would be better.