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01-03-12, 06:32 pm
Hi everyone! My name is Kim and my family recently adopted 3 guinea pigs. The first one, Miss Copperbottom, was a present from Santa. I was told that she is around 2 years old. The entire family fell in love with her instantly! After learning more about guinea pigs and how they like friends, we adopted 2 more females from a local rescue. Molly, who now goes by, Molly Mohawk, is 5 months old and Diamond, who now goes by, Miss Rita Red Eyes, is 2 months old. They are such sweet amazing little piggies. I have been doing a ton of reading and learning all the correct things to do. My girls now have a big c&c cage my husband built over the weekend. Their diet consist of Oxbow pellets, Romaine, green pepper, cilantro. Miss Copperbottom gets Timothy Hay and the babies get Alfalfa hay. I look forward to reading and learning from all of you!


01-03-12, 06:41 pm
Sounds good! You are off to a good start getting more than one pig.

As long as they are all the same sex, then you are good. I am currently in a bit off a mix-up over that.

Welcome to the forums!


01-03-12, 06:46 pm
Thanks! Yes, they have all been sexed females!

01-03-12, 08:00 pm
Welcome, 3pigsforme!

Just a word of caution. Some owners have found that Oxbow pellets and/or romaine lettuce can cause calcium deposits in their pigs' urine. Some pigs do fine on those all their lives, others do not. My own did fine on Oxbow pellets, but can't tolerate romaine. So if you notice white powdery/sludgy deposits in your cage, you may want to switch to Kleenmama pellets (if you can get them) and to red or green leaf lettuce.

You should read the "read me" sticky in the Diet and Nutrition forum for more information on what you can feed your pigs.

01-03-12, 10:56 pm
Hi and welcome! We love pigtures here so if you have any please post them to help feed our addiction:crazy:!

01-05-12, 09:58 pm
Welcome! Sounds like you are off to a great start for pigge life.
Looking forward to sharing and pictures.