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01-01-12, 05:54 pm
Hey ya'll. i'm new here but not new to cavys. I had a sow years ago, I got her when she was pregnant, adopted I should say, she had 5 pups just fine. She lived with me and one of her babies for 5 years before she passed and I gave the baby to a home who had adopted a sibling to the one I had left. I adopted another a few days ago. The poor dear had ran out of food, and they didn't get her any more, her cage is broke, and she had no house.(igloo, tent nothing, just her and a food bowl). I think she's not been handled much, she is shy, was terrified of the cloth I put in her cage and ran from the paper towel roll of her to play with.:weepy: So I took them out. She was a gift for an 8 yr old and the kid and parents got tired of her. I am worried she may be pregnant too. How can I tell? The one I had before was fairly far along and you could see she was. I am also looking for a female friend for her too.

01-01-12, 06:27 pm
Hi and welcome! Thank you for taking her in! I have a boy that they would forget to feed and water:weepy: and the poor guy was so tense when he first came to live with us. Good luck with your little girl and I hope she's not pregnant, sorry I don't know how to tell if they are. What name did you give her? I would go ahead and put the paper towel roll back in and she might start invesigating it while your out of the room.

01-01-12, 06:44 pm
Her name is Iggy, like from Fried Green tomatoes. She sits on the bed with us fine, she's warming up:)

01-01-12, 06:48 pm
Oh, I'm so happy Iggy(loved that movie) is starting to come out of her shell! We love looking at pigtures here so if you can please post some of your new little girl.

01-01-12, 08:01 pm

There's really no way to know for sure except an ultrasound. If you know when she might have been with a male, you can count the days. Guinea pig gestation is anywhere from 59 to 72 days.