View Full Version : Size Does this area seem big enough for a 2x4 cage?

01-01-12, 03:16 pm

I'm getting my pigs tomorrow and I was planning on setting up the cage in this spot. In the right hand corner that's where my bed starts. I'm just trying to figure out if I need to rearrange my room or not. Thank you. (:

01-01-12, 03:25 pm
There's no way we can look at a picture and tell whether or not you've got enough room. Get a ruler or a measuring tape -- grids are 14 inches square.

01-01-12, 03:32 pm
You'd need a little more than 28 x 56 if you're using the connectors since they leave a gap between the grids.

01-01-12, 04:27 pm
Okay, thanks guys.