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10-12-02, 10:35 am
I am currently using a 4 ft plastic kids wading pool for my 2 female adult piggies. I don't have room for the 5ft or 6ft that I can also buy. I am considering building a wonderful cage mentioned on www.cavycages.com. I have used a store bought cage( when they were babies untill about 6mths) Also have used a plastic tub bin. Found both TOO Small!. So for money reasons I brought the wading pool.($7) My piggies don't climb out and only throw a little bit of litter out of it. It's in a corner in my bedroom. They have playtime out of it also. It's a decent size, but no room to run when their pigloos are in there. I take the pigloos out during the day. They can run, but only around the pool since it's a circle and not a long cage where they can run laps. Is this enough room for them? I want the best for my piggies. They are not extremly active like some pigs. I know I want to built the cubes & coloplast pens described someday,but can't at the moment for money reasons. I want to know if the 4ft wading pool is big enough for now or should I try something else? If I could find the cubes on sale and the coloplast at a decent price, I would do that very soon, But otherwise, just using the wading pool for now. Also, have many cubes do I need if I built that pen?? I know target is $20 for a set of 6 I think, but I think 6 isn't enough. I know I only have 2 piggies, but when I do move them to something else, I want it to be big.I may be adding another piggie later. How many cubes would I need and is there any place cheaper to buy them with a larger set? Any other pen/cage ideas???


10-12-02, 09:24 pm
The packs of grids are talking about cubes, not grids. You'll need 12 grids to build an open 2x4 grid cage. There are more than 12 grids in the pack.

I personally don't like those wading pools. They are not an efficient use of space. A 4' diameter is way too klutsy to work with in my opinion. There are usually little ridges on the bottom which can be hard to clean.

You can probably get more space out of a grid cage if you have it in a corner. It is possible to get a sheet of Coroplast for $10 or even free if you are resourceful. It doesn't have to be expensive.

10-13-02, 07:58 pm
Ohh Okay, thanks. I know what you're talking about with the wading pools, not my preferred choice, but at the time it was the only thing big enough that I could think of. It can be a pain to bend over and try to clean the litter out. Now I know something better to build. Thank god for the site and idea, very clever. If I build the cube & coroplast pen, it won't be in the corner. It will be a long pen against a wall in my bedroom. I will look into how much coroplast cost. Hopefully it won't be too much. Might get lucky:) . It's easy to find the grids/cubes here. Thanks!!