View Full Version : Hallo everyone!

12-29-11, 09:03 pm
Hey, I'm Lauren and I've been lurking these threads for about a month now and since I finally bought my piggies two weeks ago I have some questions so I decided to actually join :D
Hope to talk to you all soon!

Oh, and these are my ladies, Molly (white) and Abigail (brown)

12-29-11, 09:34 pm
Aww...cute!! TFS!! Ask as many questions as you'd like, we're happy to share the answers!! :) Welcome to the forum!!

12-29-11, 09:44 pm
Welcome! I notice that your cage looks store-bought (from a petstore.) and I would like to encourage a c&c cage to ensure healthy and happy piggies, also we are welcome to questions!


12-29-11, 10:08 pm
It is store bought.
I got the biggest one I could find, that does meet the recommended parameters. Right now it's the best I can do until I get more space.

12-29-11, 10:36 pm
Congrats and Welcome! Use the forum to its full advantage, there is a lot of information here to be offered. We can only do our best for our pets, good to hear you are looking into getting them more space. Cute piggies, I LOVE Abyssinians!