View Full Version : Cage "Duplex" cage idea?

12-28-11, 02:16 pm
So, today I was walking around my house, when I found an old, L-shaped desk from my grandfather's days of owning an office. It's about two feet by four feet one 'leg' of the L, and maybe one foot, four inches by two feet, six inches on the other. However, the longer 'leg' is higher than the other, by about two inches. While looking at it- I had an idea:

Would it be possible or practical to build a C&C on this desk if I covered the gap with coroplast and built a small staircase out of Legos to connect the two parts?

How many grids would I need to make this? Would this be an appropriate cage for two boars?

12-28-11, 02:24 pm
If you post pictures we may be able to see what your talking about and give a proper estimate.


12-28-11, 02:34 pm
Unfortunately, I don't currently have a camera ;_;

12-28-11, 03:05 pm
Based on the dimensions you gave the total surface area of the desk is about 11 sq.ft. Obviously this total would be reduced once you add grids and coroplast, since you'd then have to measure the inside area of your newly created cage.

10.5 sq.ft. is the recommended size for two female pigs. I think you'd be cutting it a little too close to house 2 boars.

But, if you can put a piece of plywood or something on top of the desk to increase the surface area, then you still might be able to use your idea.

12-28-11, 03:42 pm
The good thing about c&c cages is...you can adjust for those kinds of things...make the grids lower on the lower part of the cage and zip strip the bottom grids 2" up on the grids.
I did that to work around a table that was 2" taller than my banquet table.

12-28-11, 04:43 pm
I'd say that your own creativity is your only limit when it comes to cages Provided you have enough basic space and the more space the better especially with boars...

If you are a bit narrow and you don't mind altering your Granddad's desk you could simply widen it by nailing and securing an extra board each side. On this your c & c base would be sitting so it just needs to be absolutely secure.