View Full Version : Cavies eating coroplast

Bart Hess
10-14-02, 08:59 pm
OK - I've made a really cool 4x2 cavy cage for three boars - 1 bonded pair and a really agressive newcomer, separted from the other 2 buy running a length of grid to separate the mean guy from the other 2.

The problem is, they're REALLY curious about each other, and have ended up chewing on the coroplast edges that separate their sections within the cage.

Don't lecture me about trying to get them used to living together. We did that and ended up with a prize winning boar who has an ear split in two and will never see a show ring againg.

My question is: will eating coroplast hurt the boys? They appear to really dig it.

10-15-02, 03:29 am
I dont know if the coroplast is "good" for piggies, i have yet to make me one! (I will in a couple of weeks though!) but if it "IS" a problem, you can discourage them with some of that bitter apple spray along the edges i think.........

10-15-02, 07:55 am
It hasn't 'hurt' mine, but you should do whatever you can to discourage it. If they have a common grid wall, simply rearrange the cage to remove the coroplast wall inbetween. Or cover it with a strip of wood (just put a 1" by 1" at the most across the top edge) or the plastic binder things: www.cavycages.com/options...ewproofing (http://www.cavycages.com/options.htm#chewproofing)