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12-27-11, 12:19 pm
Hi all, I hope everyone's well!

I'm saving up and preparing to buy my first piggie so you may hear some ridiculous and repetitive questions from me (sorry in advance).

I'm really excited about getting my boy (or girl) - haven't quite decided on that yet!!

If anyone's got any advice that'd be great, I want to provide the best environment and help them have the best life :D

Also one thing that's been bothering me is how well piggies travel on train journeys (about 2 hours long continuous).

Lovely to be somewhere where people are as enthusiastic as I am and I look forward to being able to post about my guinea's mischief here.

Ta for now! :)

12-27-11, 12:24 pm
First of all, welcome to the forum!
We all look forward to answering your questions.

12-27-11, 12:56 pm
My boys just traveled 5 hours by car with me for the holidays.
They did fine.
I've learned the bumpier the ride the more my boys like to hide.
So, I have extra fleece draps in their travel cage.
And I learned the first time not to bother with a water bottle. The motion of the car emptied the bottle mid trip and I had a wet mess.
So, now I keep a ziplock bag of romaine and water that I give them throughout the trip.

This is a good site to learn new and fun things to do with your pig and how to take care of them.
Welcome and I can't wait to see your girl (or boy)

12-27-11, 10:11 pm
Welcome Esownow! It is very wise of you to do all of your homework before you aquire a pig.
That way everything will be in place for a healthy happy piggy.
May I please make one suggestion? You wrote you were looking to buy a pig? How about looking into adoption instead? There are so many wonderful pigs out there that need a home. You can check on petfinder.com or CList. or a local shelter or rescue. and look for some in your area.

Keep us posted with your journey in hopefully adopting a pig or two. Looking forward to sharing pictures and talking with you.

12-27-11, 10:26 pm
Hi Esownow! Congratulations on doing your research before you get a pig, as many people (including on this forum) make that mistake. I'm looking forward to your bombardment of threads! Keep us posted!

12-27-11, 11:04 pm
Hi and welcome! Once you find a piggy or piggies we'll want to see pictures!

01-03-12, 07:51 am
Thanks for the welcome! It'll be about a month before I know whether I can get a piggie or not so wish me luck!

suzilovespiggie thanks for the suggestion, I wasn't going to get one for a pet shop and I have looked around the local adoption centres but no luck there, knowing me if I stepped foot inside I'd come out with every animal they had! I had intended to drive out to a breeder who's looking to give their guinea a new home :)

And Kim37040 thanks for the advice about the fleece and vegetables, the journeys I'll make won't be long so hopefully they'll be okay after getting used to a travel box :D