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12-26-11, 04:51 pm
Hey everyone!

I am not new to this forum, but it has been many, many years since I have come to visit (I joined in 2006). My name is Jessica and I used to own four wonderful guinea pigs Sid, Ziggy, Astrid and Jet. As the years have gone by they have passed away. I was overseas in Africa for a couple years as well and wasn't able to adopt any guinea pigs, not to mention it was sad losing the ones I owned and didn't want to have to go through it again.

I have been back in the U.S. for a year now. I have gotten married and we got a nice apartment in Florida. I decided that I am definitely missing guinea pigs in my life and adopted a male guinea pig who I have named Kingsley after Kingsley Shacklebolt from the Harry Potter series. I hope to adopt one more male after I find the coroplast to expand my cage more.

I just wanted to say hi to you all and I hope to be active again here so I can refresh my memory on the proper care for Kingsley. :love:

12-26-11, 05:14 pm
Love the name..... Welcome and please upload some photos so we can ooh and aah :-)

12-26-11, 05:33 pm
Thanks :) Here is a picture for starters!


12-26-11, 08:11 pm
Super cute! Love the colors and markings on the face! And welcome back! It is hard not having piggies in our lives once they enter them! I am completely and totally enslaved to my piggies and their well being. I'm always doting on them and making sure they aren't bored or unhappy. I also have ten. They all wheek at me to get up until I get them their morning veggies, fresh hay, and get them fresh water in their water bottles :D I'm sure most of it will come back soon enough and everything else we can help with! Just ask us some questions and once you get your other boy be sure to post some more pigtures! We always love them!!
Congratulations on having pigs back in your life!

12-26-11, 08:32 pm
Welcome and Welcome back! You will find some new members on now, but the passion and love of piggies is still here. Great info too. Kingsley is adorable!
Looking forward to pictures and sharing.

12-26-11, 10:39 pm
Hi and thank you so much for the adorable picture! Love his name and his cute little face.

12-28-11, 06:40 pm
Hello, i'm new here too :)
I have two guinea-pigs, Bugsy and Princess :D
Add me as your friend and I will add you back lol