View Full Version : why did i not discover c & c caging sooner

12-20-11, 07:51 am
hi all just want to intorduce myself from the UK any UK members on here? I currently have 19 piggies at the minute including smooth coated, abbysinians a ridgeback and a rex. i have a lit made up to make a huge 6x7 2 possibly 3 layer mansion split into 4 sections for my ever increasing brood of piggies. i have used all sorts of cages from traditional outdoor type ones, indoor, pods for individual pigs, made my own wooden ones but these have to be about the best i have seen. i shall keep you updated with how i get on moving my babies 1 group at a time as i build up the cages. any hot tips or suggestions for cage accessories would be greatly appreciated.

12-20-11, 08:35 am
Welcome to the forum! If you need help, all of the people here are helpful and knowledgeable. If you need cage design ideas, you can look under photos in the type of cage you want. Members have submitted their great ideas, and it helps! Also, if you are looking for fellow UK members, you can look down at the bottom of the forum page for a category just for UK members. Hope I helped! :) Good Luck building you new cage!